August 4, 2020 – Sterling, VA – Aliscia Andrews, the Republican Nominee for Virginia’s 10th Congressional District, launches Indian American Coalition co-chaired by community leaders Srilekha Palle and Vinson Xavier and is endorsed by US Impact, an Indo-American Political Action Committee that helps bridge political leadership to the Indian Community. An online roundtable is scheduled for Saturday, August 8th at 6 pm on the Aliscia Andrews for Congress Facebook page.

Co-chair Srilekha Palle stated, “I am honored to support and endorse Marine veteran, Aliscia Andrews for the 10th congressional district. As an Indian American, I embody the same values that Aliscia embraces when it comes to families. She is driven by the love for her family and her determination to succeed, persevere, and work hard. Safety is the number one issue for my family and our community and Aliscia has made those her goals. There is no better person to lead the 10th district than Aliscia during these trying times.”

Co-chair Vinson Palathingal also stated, “Indian Americans are one of the highest income ethnic groups. Our social and fiscal conservative beliefs is what makes that possible. We need to elect leaders who uphold such values that we hold dear to our heart.”

For additional information, please contact Kara Caldwell, Deputy Campaign Manager at 480-276-1362 or .